unlucky charms

Karen mentioned to me the other day that Lucky Charms would be better if we just had all marshmellows and none of the... other things.  I kinda agreed, but noted that since they were all the same, the marshmallows wouldn't be as fun to eat.
Well, this morning, I got some Lucky Charms.  A few were spilling as I put them into my bowl, but they were just the... other kind.  But then... I spilled a marshmallow! It was the oddest thing; I went from "oops, lol, spilled some cereal" to "OMG MY MARSHMELLOW!"
It was at this moment that I realized the truth; all these charms are part of a caste system.  We love the upper class marshmallows, the "Lucky" charms, if you will, but nobody gives a fuck about the... other cereal, whatever it's called. But see, without that lower class, the upper class wouldn't exist!  First of all, it's the lower class that does all the work (marshmallows are not part of your balanced breakfast), and secondly, they have to contrast the sweetness of the marshmallows so that it's not just disgusting sugar-milk.
But I think the marshmallows are okay, because the other cereal will never be smart enough to revolt.  They'll just keep living their lives, being spilled and eaten, and not cared for, selectively discriminated against by kids everywhere trying to maximize the marshmallow/cereal ratio.  We're all dirty racists, really.  Racist against non-marshmallows.
Or... do the marshmallows control us?

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  1. Man, thats deep. My breakfast is just breakfast.

    But watch out...this happened to Honey Bunches of Oats (composed of the upper class bunches and unwanted flakey other cereal)...and when the other flakey cereal rebelled, they just got rid of it! Now they have Just Bunches. This only leaves me to ponder...what happened to the other flakey cereal? and what will this mean for cereal all over the world?