Ming Dynasty

So, an interesting tidbit of information: did you know that in the traditional Shaolin bow, the hands form the character which means "Bright" and refers to the Ming dynasty? The closed hand represents the character for "sun" and the open hand represents the "moon" which collectively mean "bright" or Ming. One who makes this sign signifies that he (1) calls for the return of the Ming dynasty and (2) is himself "bright", as in being an agent of justice (the light side, if you will).


Minus Minus

A decrement function I made as a logic circuit.


Physics 202 Lecture: Biot-Savant and Ampere's Law

Mindmap for the Physics 202 Lecture by Dr. Mills.

Physics Lecture: Current and Resistance (3/2/08)

I made this mindmap about our Physics Class a few days ago. Let it be known that I will try to do this for all our lectures from now on.



From Fedora

This is a blog post that I'm sending from my desktop. There's this cool tool in my Fedora 8 installation that lets me blog from a lightweight application instead of opening firefox and going through the whole ordeal of finding my blog. Perhaps this'll make things easier...