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First thing to note:  I'm kinda splitting my writing between here and my dA journal.  I've added it as a blog in my sidebar, but I'm going to include my most recent post here, because I like it.  It's called: "tea with milk".
Last time I wrote a journal, I was drinking coffee quite regularly. But now, with the realization that I have tea bags and the dining hall has hot water, sugar, and milk... I've been drinking almost all tea! And I like it much better.

Don't get me wrong. The coffee pot on my desk is still an active little guy, and he makes a lot of coffee. But whereas before I drank coffee in my room and in the dining hall, I now drink tea in the dining hall and, it seems, slightly less coffee in my room as a result.

The tea makes me feel more at home.

I thought last night of sitting with someone on a bench at water front park, sipping a latte.

It made my heart stop.

I miss water.
So yeah, that's that.  Anyway, today I have to give a presentation on Special Relativity to my physics class.  Much thanks goes to Sherwin for helping me clarify things in my head and bounce around different ways of looking at things.  If you'd like to see my presentation, I'd be more than happy to show it to you.  Since I'll be using a department laptop to display my powerpoint (and hence not deal with the really frustrating projector) I'm going to use my laptop to record my presentation, and I may put it on youtube.  I'll link to it if that ends up being the case.

Anyway, I was going to rant more about SR and give you guys some good science education, but I need to go to class now.  I just wasted some time reclaiming 10 GB of hard drive space.

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