is there anybody...

going to listen to my story? Cause it's pretty long, unlike the Beatles song.

Part I: The short part.

My presentation went very well today!  Also, I had some tea!  Also, I feel pretty good!

Oh, so also, my STS professor (who's running my Creative Inquiry class on SR) comes up to me and is like "Hey, Matt, I realized last night that you're not going to learn anything from this Creative Inquiry class.  I think you know more about this than I do." Which is true, but I would never actually say that.  I think he just figured it out.  But here's the exciting part.  He told me that he really wants me to get something out of it, so he's going to start giving me my own side assignments specifically focusing on the philosophy of science (his specialty). It made me feel like I was at magnet, getting personal attention from a teacher who had my learning in his best interest.  It was nice.

Part II: The long part.

Last night, laying in bed, I reflected on who my closest friends were.  It was a good thought-session, honestly.  So with this post, I'd like to go through and talk about some (but not necessarily all!) of my closest friends.  If you're not here, no worries; I just happened to not be able to analyze you.

This non-all-inclusive list is alphabetical by first name.

Anastasia: Strangely, I can't think of too much to say; not because there's nothing to say, but because it's so hard to put in words.  You know I love you, Anastasia, and I doubt we could ever be any less than closest friends (not to say that we aren't more).  What appeals most to me about our friendship (on the non-sexual/romantic plane) is your hippie-insightfulness.  Your creativity fused with your free spirit, good nature, and - although you might not admit it - high intelligence, makes you a great person to lay with on damp grass, under the stars, with warm tea, and talk about everything... or nothing at all... *sigh*.  I miss you, love.  I miss everything about you.  I want you back.

Araba: Oh, Araba.  I love you a whole lot, as well (although in a different way, of course).  I love talking to you, especially because our talks seem to be so unique, you know?  I'm not really sure if I converse with anyone the way I converse with you.  Like you kinda said once, we're, in a way, spiritually similar. I think our world views - though unique - share lots of values.  And of course, I admire to a huge degree your intelligence, passion, and determination.  I still need to take you out for coffee... or maybe we can make it tea.  I think we should also take some good long strolls this winter and have some good long talks, in person.  I really miss your conversation.

Jackson: Hey, buddy.  Whatever is between us is amazing.  We really don't talk a whole lot over long distances, but whenever I'm with you I feel like you're my closest confident.  I can tell you anything.  I'd like to think that you can tell me anything.  Your eclectic knowledge of everything that seems important at the time is astounding, and I love being with you, even if it means buying your coffee.  I hope we can get together some time soon.  I miss you.  You know, the other day, I came across that poem I wrote a long time ago, before you went off to college.  The one that ended "the white machine/that carried away/half my heart that day./Luckily, today is not/that day."  I love you, man.

Karen: Hey, dear.  We aren't exactly best friends.  But since we hang out a lot, I have a feeling we might get closer, so this is a preemptive paragraph of admiration.  You're a lot different from most of my friends; your personality is less reserved, less controlled, and has a strong wild streak.  It's a nice contrast; I'm not used to that kind of thing.  I look forward to being your friend, and, hopefully, playing guitar with you.  I would say the same about Sarah and Guillherme, but they always "study" instead of hang out...

Mark: Hey!  If you come to Clemson, I really hope we can room together at some point.  I just enjoy talking with you, you know?  I love arguing for the sake of personal development, and I think you do to.  We can argue without sour feelings, because it's a good exercise.  You're also, of course, just a generally level-headed and intelligent guy.  I look forward to seeing you!


Sherwin: Let me tell you, sir, what's great about you.  You're like... the person I miss most when I look around my classes.  You're the real-life hacker, the person who tries to understand, create, solve, fix, and build everything.  I miss working on problems with you, you explaining stuff, and me arguing with you until we finally work it out.  I'm glad we got to do that SR last night on my whiteboard... it reminded me of the good old days.

I have the feeling, of course, that I left someone out.  If someone notices, please alert me quickly so I can fix it before they see!

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