nature's spectral lines: recipe for meditative thought #2.

(1) Find somewhere to sit where you are relatively unencumbered by manmade architecture.  For example, a porch is okay; a balcony is better; literally sitting outside is the best; but don't do this looking out of a 3' x 6' window.

(2) Make sure that your view is also relatively natural.  Some well designed buildings are okay, but you can't just be looking at a concrete jungle.  There needs to be plentiful natural ground.

(3) Figure out what color the trees are, and don't say green.

(4) Try to notice contrasts in brightness, especially on the z-axis (foreground versus background).

(5) Take a sip of luke-cool water and start over from (2).

(6) Refill your water bottle and repeat.  Light instrumental music is optional.

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