ChLa_4Fa_2: chem lab "4" the fail x 2

It's questions like these that make me worry about my Chemistry Lab class.  I've annotated beneath them in case you can't read it on the image.
You drop a ball from one height and it knocks the ball at the bottom to the other side of the cavity (it knocks it too high, by the way.  Even if all the kinetic energy was transferred to the black ball, the black ball is said to be heavier, so it can attain no more gravitational potential energy than the white ball started out with).  So the question says that this guy wants to find out if the height the ball is released from has an effect on where the other ball ends up.  So the MC question asks: what ball should he drop from the high spot?  The second one - and this is the worst part (this kind of question was on every page) asked: what is your reason?

OMG guess what, volume displaces water, not mass.  Morons.
Oh, guess what, mass and volume aren't related.  


So yeah.  We answered about 30 minutes of questions like that today in Chem Lab.  There was this really good one I wanted to put up.  It has a bunch of rats of different sizes and tail colors, and asked if it showed a relation between size and tail color.  It was pretty obvious that they wanted you to say yes, but I found that the standard deviation was less than one and answered accordingly.  Sadly, "Because I calculate the standard deviation, fucktard" wasn't an option in the reasoning section.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that none of the choices were either complete sentences or even valid reasons for any argument at all.  

Also sadly, my TA threatened to fail me if I didn't stop taking pictures of the test, so I didn't get to that page.

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