sunlight, graphite: recipe for meditative thought #1.

I'll be starting a series of meditative exercises for people to try if they so desire.  Here's the first one, which I did yesterday.

"Sunlight and Graphite"
(1) Make sure the room is comfortable to slightly cool.
(2) Prepare your favorite cozy beverage.  I picked black coffee, but various teas or cocoas would be alright as well.
(3) Find a hobby that is attention-intensive but not intellectually overbearing.  I picked sketching, which I think is a good suggestion for anybody.
(4) Sit in front of a window where the sunlight is coming in.  Open the window if it's comfortable outside.
(5) Put on some music, but nothing too fast or violent.
(6) Perform your activity in a meditative state.  The key is not to get frustrated.  Even if you're drawing something for the first time, you must take joy in the process of drawing and be unconcerned with the physical result.
(7) If you're using coffee or a similar drink, occasionally tip off your cup.  The sound of the pouring liquid is also meditative.
(8) Throughout the process, another key to getting the most out of it is opening the senses.  Feel the steam of your drink against your face contrasting with the cool room; listen to the graphite as your pencil streams across the paper; smell the air coming in through the window. Simply be aware.  Feel the rhythm of the music in your body.
(9) Ignore the clock.


  1. Lovely; that only works if you're in a place where the sun ever shines... (i.e. not Cambridge...) lol. No, it really sounds lovely. If I ever get a sunny day, I'll try it.

  2. this is almost too arousing of an idea to have any meditative use at all.

  3. If it's arousing, then that's probably a good thing. Meditation isn't always about clearing your mind, it's often about just lifting your spirit a bit. Glad you like it. =)