what i learned in chem oneohone

We learned about pressure today.

If by "learned" you mean reviewed from Nettles' class. I wish I could have skipped to 102.

By the way, assuming a theoretical compound Rhettium which is free from the effects of gravity (or, in Physical Science class, occasionally experiences a negative effect), you could experience similar pressure effects as you do in that UFO if you're floating in a Rhettium cloud 20 km away from the center of a black hole with mass 6.734 x 1024 kg (and thus event horizon radius of 10 km) with an escape velocity of exactly c.


  1. You're going to turn into the next xkcd guy.

  2. Maybe. That was the inspiration.

    In fact, it was kinda fun... maybe I'll try to start a little weekly webcomic or something! I just need to come up with some good ideas of my own; it would be easy, but not creative (or worth reading), if I draw everything from xkcd, Dinosaur Comics, etc. I'll draw something new in Chem today and post it. =)