newsflash: e&m receives several beatings in its old age

By beatings, of course, I mean hits.  And by hits, of course, I mean pageloads.
And by E&M, I mean my mindmap posts I made quite a while ago.  Remember those? This one was of a Dr. Mills lecture (and is the only reason I got a 5 on E&M), and this one was on a lecture by Mr. Newton.

So a while ago, I installed this hit counter widget on my page.  Don't go looking for it outside of the source html; it's just some embedded code.  But it lets me go to statcounter.com and see how many hits I get everyday from where in the world. It's pretty neat, actually!  I've had hits from all over the world:

So yeah!  That's pretty cool.  And the thing is, all these foreign people are coming off of google searches on E&M topics.  In fact, as of this posting, I'm the 5th result if you google "lectures about current resistance".  Try it and tell me if it still works!

Anyway, so I suppose if I want more hits, I should write more on E&M.  But I don't really feel like it, you know?

More to come.  Hold tight.  Comment.  And if you'd like to help me expand my userbase, you should link, blog about, digg, or otherwise propogate links to my blog.  It'll be fun!

Oh, and as of now, I've decided to end all comments of mine with a series of lucky numbers (see the comments on the immediately previous blog entry to this one to know why).  So if you see that convention somewhere, just know that it was my idea.

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