books and books... but mostly books

(Title half-stolen from Araba's blog.)

Oh my god... I had a shopping spree, this morning.  A book shopping spree.
Cooper Library (Clemson's main library) had a gigantic book sale this morning with incredible prices.  All hardbacks were $2, all CD's were $2, all paperbacks were $0.50, all magazines were $0.10, and I can't remember the rest but I do know that they were all $2.00 or less.

So I spent $23 or so.

Here's what I got.

Book #1: Encounters: an Introduction to Philosophy

Book #2: Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems

Books #3, #4: Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, Volumes I & II

Book #5: Analytic Geometry

Book #6: Modern Abstract Algebra

Book #7: Operating System Design: The XINU Approach

Book #8: Operating Systems: Concepts, Policies, and Mechanisms

Book #9: Vector Analysis

CD #1: Kiri Te Kanawa - Exsultate Jubilate (London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus) 
and CD #2: Birgit Nilsson - Wagner, Strauss, Verdi, Beethoven (Opera Gala)

Magazines: Mostly Scientific American, one National Geographic.

Now, let me tell a story about how hard it is to pull yourself away from such a book sale:

"One day, Matthew tried to pull himself away from a great book sale.  It was absurdly hard.  The end."

My suggestion?  Try to avoid news of book sales, because once you know about one you will undoubtedly spend lots of money there.

But hey, I actually kinda like what I bought, so there.


  1. Oh, I have tried my hardest to stay away from book sales, but to no avail. And, my mother has done nothing to make it better. She just sent me $75 to Barnes and Noble!!!!!

    Oh, and I like how our blog posts feed off each other. It's good stuff.

  2. By the way, the only one of those books I approve of is the Intro to Philosophy book. :D

  3. What about National Geographic?! It's the French Polynesia one!

  4. omigoshhhh why didnt you remind me?
    it was really late tonight and i was in the parking lot for the dollar store when it hit me and i almost cried
    for real?
    dont believe me???
    look at the last book sale: http://cochinealregret.livejournal.com/2008/03/15/

  5. I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that you are a big gay academic mallrat bookstore Gay.