can i switch to linux?

Yes, you can!

I'm a pretty big advocate of open source software (OSS) and Linux, so I figure I'll start adding it to my list of bloggable topics.

I stumbled upon this article today in the Coffee Room at LinuxForums.org.  I think it's a particularly great pro-Linux article because the writer isn't (as I understand it) a particularly tech-savvy guy.  He's certainly not my grand mother, and he knows his way around a computer, but what I'm saying is that he probably can't write something in C.

And the best part is, that okay!  Linux works great for him, and not only is his work more streamlined, error-free, productive, and free, but he also likes the mentality that comes with using nearly all OSS, developed by software hackers around the world.  He likes that they're driven by the urge to want to create a great computer system instead of by market forces.

So anyway, if you're still using Windows, give the article a quick browsing over.  You never know; installing Linux may be the next best thing to happen to your computer.

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